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Let's Create a Performance Plan That Fits YOU.

Getting You


Are you side-lined by injury? Have you been out of the game for a while? Or are you looking to try a new activity? From natural injury rehabilitation to return-to-play after an injury, inactivity, or a health set-back, we can create a customized plan to get you moving that will set your up for success in your sport.

Keeping You


You're busy, but your health goals matter to you. We create a performance plan that works with your schedule, so you can upgrade your health without stress. We'll fit your plan to your goals and lifestyles that you can optimize your energy and start finding more time in your schedule naturally.

Optimizing Your


No two people are alike, so why would your performance plans be the same? We create completely customized plans based on your body type, lifestyle, health history, wellness goals, and schedule. From diet to workouts to sports training, we make sure you are constantly striving to your best you.



Dr. Tracey Teasdale,


I believe everyone can feel like an athlete. Physical activity and movement is a means to optimal physical and mental health, and everyone should have access to a method they enjoy. You deserve the same treatment and respect as the pro’s, regardless of your ability, body, age or goals. Let's get moving!

For the technical stuff - I am registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario and have met the standard of practice for prescribing. I am also certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition. I have an honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, with a minor in Biology, from McMaster University, and obtained my naturopathic credentials from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

Along with my private practice and programs, I am also a clinical supervisor and lead the Sports Medicine Program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.


Find Fit. Find Fun.

You deserve the health and performance you've imagined. Make it a breeze to reach your goals.